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ProCamPlus Setup Guide

Get your ProCamPlus and ProCamPlus HD software running in minutes

  • Install desktop software and launch (If asked to Block or Unblock the desktop application, choose unblock to ensure your video stream is accessible)
  • Launch ProCamPlus on your iPhone by tapping the ProCamPlus icon
  • Tap the round BLUE pencil icon to add the External IP address of your computer
    NOTE: ( Your actual current External IP is )
  • Now go to your desktop PC or MAC and view the LARGE internal IP number posted on the application and copy that into the Internal IP section of your iPhone
  • Choose a port number on your iPhone that matches the desktop server port chosen
  • Choose a password. Now you're SECURE !!
  • Enjoy your newly configured video streaming iPhone application

You can change the default password of 123 at any time by clicking the 'Settings' menu and then 'ProCamPlus Settings'. Be sure to update your iPad and iPhone with the new password by clicking the blue pencil icon for that video.

If your computer is behind a router (if you have a home network, wireless access to your internet at home or multiple computers on one internet connection you most-likely fall into this category) your router will need to support uPNP. Most newer routers have this enabled by default, as most applications that stream or upload content require this. If your router doesn't support this and can't connect to your webcam remotely or thru 3G, click here.

Not sure if your router or network is the problem? Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it ?

It is now$47.99 for the iPhone and $38.99 for the iPad and iPad2

Is there any monthly fees?

None. It a one-time purchase with FREE lifetime updates and absolutely NO advertising.

Does ProCamPlus desktop server support my MAC?

100% YES, as long as your MAC has an Intel processor! And our software supports MAC OSX up to 10.6.3
The software also supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP be sure to download the appropriate FREE server software from the list to the top right of this page.

When I connect and I see a black screen on my desktop software?

There are two possible causes:
1. Your webcam driver is not configured properly
2. Your webcam software might be interfering with procamplus. Shut it down, disconnect and reconnect your webcam, and restart procamplus. Make sure to disable the auto launch of the webcam software (Not ProCamPlus) upon system restart so you won't have to do this again.

What about sound? Will I hear sound?

ProCamPlus Has full audio streaming capabilities as long as your webcam microphone is configured and works on your computer, it will work fine with ProCamPlus. The sound is a secondary feature that might not work as well if your video feed is having a hard time being transmitted because of low signal on your phone or network. We programmed our App to always give you video priority over sound, but if you have enough bandwidth, you will get both. If your camera microphone is configured and working as your default input sound device and you still can't hear anything, then we recommend that you do the following:

  • Change the frame rate from your iPhone or desktop software to be 30 frames per second.
  • Restart your iPhone App and you should be hearing as well as seeing smoothly from the source computer.

How many webcams can I setup ? I have one at home and one in the office.

This version of ProCamPlus supports unlimited number of webcams from different IP's (Computers) So if you have 4 computers that have one USB or built in webcam, then all you need is your one iPhone or iPad App to see all 4 cameras at once…but we encourage you to add as many computers to your network as possible….it's allot more fun!

Does this work with IP webcams? (Webcams that don't connect to a computer USB)

No, ProCamPlus requires our desktop server to stream your videos to your iPhone. The cool thing is that you can continue to use your web camera equipment and you don't have to buy anything from us, not even an account signup is required, but you must use a "USB Computer Attached Webcam" and use it with our FREE downloadable software either for your Windows or Apple/ MAC computer.

The “Loading UPnP Status” message is constantly present on my computer software

This means your network's router does NOT support UPnP, which automatically makes the pathway from your router to your computer for you. No problem! Check out our Router Configuration documentation.

If I run in trouble setting this up, what do I do?

With us you get 5 star service! Contact us right away by clicking here and our team will assist with any configuration issues.

This is all cool, but will this work on my new iPad or iPad2?

YES. This is an iPad/iPad2 specific version called ProCamPlus HD and we think it's our best App yet! You can download it from our home page link to the App Store! Please click Here

Router Configuration

What's going on?

Routers devide your internet from one connection coming in (such as DSL or Cable) to multiple computers, often including wi-fi. This is why the external IP address this website sees ( might be different from your "Internal IP" listed by our software.

This situation becomes problematic because you are trying to connect from the outside in. When you connect from your iPhone or iPad to your publicly available IP address ( you land at your router's front door. Without UPnP, however, it's impossible to know which computer to direct your connection to and thus you never reach the computer that is running the ProCamPlus server software.

How can I fix it?

By logging into your router's control panel, you can add a static route. Each manufacturer is different, unfortunately, so you'll most likely need the manual for your router. If it's a router provided to you from your internet provider, you'll need to call them. Here are some basic steps:

  • Access your router's control panel via your web browser. This typically your "Internal IP" that is provided via the ProCamPlus server software, except the last number should be a 1 (e.g. would be Enter this into the address bar of your web-browser and press ENTER. If this is correct, you'll be asked for a username and password.
  • Enter your username and password. If you have never setup or changed this, it should be the default username/password provided to you by the router's manufacturer. Typcially, though, a combination of admin/admin, admin/password, or simply not entering anything will work.
  • Once logged in, you'll need to find the section for "Port Forwarding". This may be it's own section or under "Application Settings" or "Firewall"
  • Add a new port forward rule: Name it anything you wish if there is a 'name' field. For sake of simplicity, make your public/outgoing port the same as your private/incoming port. The default port for our application is 19050. If you choose a different port, just make sure you use that same port number in both your server AND iphone software. Enter the port in the form. You want both UDP and TCP protocols. You may be able to either check both, or choose "Both" from a dropdown menu. If you can only do one, you'll need to add the rule again using the other protocol. The IP address will be the "Internal IP" that is listed on your ProCamPlus server software.
    Click "Ok" or "Add" or similar to add your rule.
  • You've now set a route for your chosen port (most likely 19050). Now when you connect via your external IP, the router will know to send that request to the computer running ProCamPlus!

Diagnostic Help

If the "Loading UPnP Status" message is present, you'll definately need to follow our Router Configuration guide. If the message isn't present, and you're still having troubles connecting remotely, the following might help diagnose your network issue.

If you have wifi available on your home network, this can aid in determining where a connection problem might be.

  • Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your WiFi Network.
  • Instead of using the "External IP" section to setup your camera, clear this field and enter the "Internal IP" from the ProCamPlus server software into the "Internal IP" field, verify the port # is the same and that your password is correct.

If this works, but connecting over 3G or another WiFi network is not working, then try using your external IP (Your current computer is then you'll need to follow our Router Configuration guide.

How To Port Forward: Time Capsule


Port forwarding (sometimes referred to as tunneling) is the act of forwarding a network port from one network node to another. This technique can allow an external user to reach a port on a private IP address (inside a LAN) from the outside via a NAT-enabled router.;


Port forwarding has many uses, but the main one we need is for our App ProCamPlus on your iPhone and ProCamPlus HD on your iPad to reach your desktop computer by configuring your router .  We have seen guides on how to do this for every router imaginable, but it doesn't say how to configure an Apple Time Capsule…so we wrote our own guide for you:


So here it is:

How To Port Forward: Time Capsule

Before doing anything, make sure you are connected to your Time Capsule's network.

Step #1: Find out your IP

Open: System Preferences > Network

There you will see how you are connected to the Internet. Under "Status" it will say the network and the IP address. Write down the IP.


Step #2: Choose a port to forward and enter it in

The best ones are 19050–65534 but any will work. Once you've got one open up your ProCamPlus desktop software as well as the App on your device client and enter it in.


Step #3: Open AirPort Utility

It's in Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility


Step #4: Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol

When you open AirPort Utility you get a window that shows all the different things your connected to. Double-Click the Time Capsule one you want to configure.


This will open a window that gives you access to all the Time Capsule's settings.

Click the "Internet" tab and make sure the checkbox "Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol" is selected.


Step #5: Configure Port Mappings

Click the button right under "Enable NAT Port Mapping Port Mappings".

This will take you to a screen that is accessible under: Advanced > Port Mapping.

Here it shows an "Allowed" list. We want to add the port you chose to it. Click the + sign under the list.

Ignore the part that says "Service". The 4 private and public port boxes enter the port you chose. In the "Private IP Address" box put the IP you wrote down earlier.

When your done click continue.

The next part isn't too important. Name it whatever you want in the Description box (We did the name of the App.. ProCamPlus) and click "Done".

Step #6: Update Time Capsule

Once you click done you may be asked if you want to update the changes. Click yes. Your Time Capsule will restart and save the changes.

Step #7: Enjoy ProCamPlus!


Your Current External IP Address Is:

If you still need help, just CALL US by clicking below

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